112 Belleville Loft by Multiarchi

112 Belleville Loft by Multiarchi

Architects: Multiarchi
Location: Belleville, Paris, France
Year: 2014
Area: 1,076 sqft
Photo courtesy: Multiarchi

Inspired by hipster style, this residence in ‪Paris‬ is full of details, finishing materials and furniture designed by Multiarchi and selected in Italy, Spain, Sweden and France.


The project takes place inside an old warehouse above a bakery. Like a townhouse, this loft is under its own zinc roofing which wooden structure is visible inside. The large open volume, filled with sunlight, was the beginning of the inspiration. We’ve wanted to play with the spaces inside while preserving qualities that are rarely found in Paris.


The kitchen tends to disappear around an abstract concrete block , the bathroom’s box is creating a mezzanine offering a game space while giving access to the children’s bedroom. To force the focus on the main volume, we’ve tried to hide the doors to the rooms. Visitor are always surprised to find a door with another room behind.

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