10 Indicators of Hidden Pest Infestations in Your Home

10 Indicators of Hidden Pest Infestations in Your Home

Rodents and other pests are stealthy when they invade your home – in fact, you may not even notice they are there until the damage is done and it’s too late. Luckily, there are a few clues you can look out for that can help you catch pest infestations early.

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1. Moved or Missing Objects

If you notice small objects going missing or being moved while you aren’t looking, chances are you have a rat or mouse “borrowing” items in your home.

Rats and mice are always on the lookout for things like pieces of fabric, material, or any other soft furnishings to make their nests cozy and warm – so you may notice holes in your sofa with bits of stuffing torn out.


2. Unusual Sounds

If you hear scrabbling, scratching, scraping, squeaking, or anything else that goes “bump” in the night (no, your house isn’t haunted), you probably have an infestation.

Any strange sounds at night are probably due to critters or insects in your home that are not supposed to be there. Aside from the walls and ceiling, the most common places to find infestations are in the basement, attic, or any other spaces that don’t get a lot of foot traffic.


3. Signs of Nesting

Watch out for signs of nesting as rodents will build nests in hard-to-reach spaces and corners of your home.

Rats and mice will build nests from shredded paper, carpeting, leaves, grass clippings, and scraps of fabric –you’ll likely find signs of a rodent infestation in crawlspaces, attics, underneath your floor, the spaces between furniture and the walls, and inside the walls.

4. Damaged Plants

Pests don’t just cause damage inside your home – their destruction extends to areas outside in your garden, too. Look out for teeth marks on plants, shredded leaves, and any other damage to your trees and plants (indoor plants included).

If your lawn has dead, brown patches, pests could be responsible for this as well. Look out for burrows or unusual trails in the grass – these can be caused by rats and mice.


5. Wings, Limbs, or Carapaces

Infestations of crawling or flying pests may leave signs of their presence – such as limbs, wings, carapaces, and even whole dead insects. These are often found on windowsills and other corners of your home.

Sweeping up the remains won’t fix the problem. If you see these signs, call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your home.


6. Gnaw Marks and Holes

If you find small marks in your floorboards, on the walls, or your ceiling, rodents are usually to blame. Tiny nail marks are caused by a rat or mouse’s nails scratching surfaces as they scuttle about.

Gnaw marks on cupboards, skirting boards, or in boxes in your pantry indicate that you have at least one unwanted houseguest – and chew marks in electrical wiring definitely point to a rodent infestation.

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7. Damaged Fabric

If you’ve noticed damage to your soft furnishings, carpets, linen, and clothing, chances are you have an infestation.

Rats and mice cause damage to fabric when they are looking for material to build their nests, and tiny holes point to silverfish, moths, or other fabric-eating insects.


8. Strange Smells

If you have an infestation in your home, you’ll probably notice some strange smells. The smell of stale or rotting food is common with rats, and you’ll probably find bits of food in the corners of rooms, behind furniture, and in cupboards.

Other odors you might notice are urine and droppings – which can be quite strong and unpleasant. Damp smells and rotting wood are also associated with termites and cockroaches.


9. Droppings

The first thing most people notice when they begin to suspect an infestation is the presence of droppings. Inspect any areas where pests can hide thoroughly (be sure to check the attic, crawl spaces, basement, and cupboards).

You may even be able to tell what kind of infestation you’re dealing with by looking at the size and shape of the droppings – rodents’ are conical and pellet-like, while insect droppings are much smaller.

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10. Dirt and Grime

When it comes to pest infestations, most people will notice that their home seems dirtier than usual. Often, you’ll notice a buildup of dirt and debris in corners and on the walls.

Greasy-looking smudges are from rodents rubbing against your walls and furniture, and you might see crumbs, debris, and hair on the floor in the corners of your rooms. Strange piles of dirt, wood shavings, and debris on the floor can be from ants or termites.

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