Caúcaso House rises above the sidewalk and over the surrounding trees

Caúcaso House rises above the sidewalk and over the surrounding trees

Location: Ciudad de México, México
Year: 2016
Area: 8.073 ft²/ 750 m²
Photo courtesy: Nasser Malek

“Located in a residential area of Mexico City, Caúcaso House rises one meter and thirty centimeters above the sidewalk in order to take advantage of the view, because the site is in a privileged point where the west is seen beyond the horizon and over the tops of the trees, leading to a basement level one meter below the sidewalk where the parking area and services are located.


On the first floor, through a double-height lobby, the social areas are oriented towards the west and two bedrooms are oriented to the east, both with bathroom and dressing room, giving the feeling of living on a single floor.


On the second floor, through a bridge crossing the double height, is the master bedroom and a fourth bedroom, both with terraces, bathroom and dressing room.


The house is built on a logical and exposed structure made of concrete, stone, steel and glass. In turn, the vegetation is an important part of the design.


In the living and dining area, contained in the same space, a terrace runs parallel the entire length. Upon opening the glass doors, the terrace is integrated with the interior, cohabiting at the same time with the garden.”

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