Office designed with the idea of “simplicity is beauty” uses wood, concrete and a bit of metal

Office designed with the idea of “simplicity is beauty” uses wood, concrete and a bit of metal

Architects: plusminusarchitects
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Year: 2016
Area: 1.561 ft²/ 145 m²
Photo courtesy: Maroš Fečík

“The interior of a postproduction studio FRAMEHOUSE is located in a renovated multifunctional building on Miletičova street in Bratislava. Studio covers an area of 145 m2 divided into two floors and plays with materiality, minimalism and morphology. Motto “simplicity is beauty” architects are trying to undermine the motto “simplicity is beauty” with occasional spatial elements. Call words are wood, concrete and a bit of metal.


The entrance to the studio is via reception, located in the parterre of the building situated in the pedestrian promenade. Reception desk dominates the space with its angled concrete form, resembling a stone growing from concrete floor. Edginess of the desk is complemented by a sinuous pattern of a large-format wall cladding made by oiled plywood plates with dimensions of 2000x1250mm.


This plywood cladding stretches through the entire reception area, via a staircase up to the spaces on the second floor and creates the impression of integrity and continuity of the space divided by floors.


In the middle of a geometric staircase is a levitating spatial mesh of welded roxor rods, which in addition to its primary function as a handrail serves as a shelving unit and for interior greenery.


Just opposite the staircase is an open-space area for studio boss. Next to it are the most important areas of the studio, online and 3D workstations. Online workstation is designed as a showroom for clients with a dominant cranked concrete desk and ian editing stage with theater-like seating for the presentation of work.


This department is enclosed by an atypical glazing/plywood wall that separates it from additional areas of the studio. One such additional area is also a meeting/coffee bar with a multifunctional plywood box. Behind this place of rest and good coffee are toilets, 3D workstation and technology room with computer racks.”

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