Buddy’s House by Sergey Makhno

Buddy’s House by Sergey Makhno

Location: Horenychi, Kyivs’ka oblast, Ukraine
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Andrey Avdeenko

The owners of the house supported Sergey’s idea and decided to do some trailblazing experiments. Interaction of external and internal parts is of highly important in this project. The distinction between them is eliminated due to a large-scale vitrescence of public zone and owners’ bedroom located on the second floor. Architects aimed to bring the nature into the interior and even used it in exterior.


On the house façade we can see decorative wall made from natural oak that creates a contrast with the help of a deep dark tone of the main surfaces. Contrast has become one of the leading themes in design. It is clearly seen in a subtle play of thick and fragile forms, heavy and light elements, black brick and light-toned cement blocks, textured and smooth surfaces. With the help of contrasting we aimed to achieve the unity of forms and nature. In the courtyard we see a lot of open space, cozy porch ,and house full of light and air. There is an additional functional building near that can be used as a lounge, barbecue zone, shed for a car and housekeeping area.


The interior is very temperate and simple. Nevertheless it combines several practical concepts indistinguishable at first sight. For instance, the tabletop is made of quarzite­, a strong and extremely durable material. The fireplace is equally important, since it is there not just for decoration, but also for heating the entire ground floor. Guest zone is completed as a functional group consisting of the kitchen island, dining room, living room and a large library with 6 m (20 ft) ceiling. Besides, there is a guest bedroom, wardrobe, and bathroom on the ground floor. By light wooden stairs you can reach the first floor.


There are 3 bedrooms, 2 ensuites and 2 wardrobes, and a bathroom, which is separated from the bedroom by glass partitions. In the day-time the double-stored library and child’s room are illuminated by the sun coming from light tubes in the ceiling. In the evening the lighting mode can be chosen according to the mood: bright and basic or soft and decorative. Windows all over the house are as big as possible. It was one of the main owner’s requests. The paintings complete the general calm vibe.


Furniture is bespoke, made by Ukrainian craftsmen. There are also some custom-designed elements from Ligne Roset, Lema, and Leolux. In addition, Buddy’s House is home to a number of decorative objects from MDECOR, Sergey Makhno’s object design boutique, such as steel hanger at the ground floor, Book table, Bells lamps, Invariants vases, and others. All these things are placed into a unique modern space where simplicity, coziness and harmony prevail.

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