Bright and luminous Cotesbach Road Residence in London by Scenario Architecture

Bright and luminous Cotesbach Road Residence in London by Scenario Architecture

Architects: Scenario Architecture
Location: London, England
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Matt Clayton

Our clients, a youthful group of 3 drew closer us a brief to completely repair their new property, expand the kitchen/feasting region by infilling the “dogtooth” arrangement and use the space inside of the substantial space.


Their fundamental prerequisites were to have: a superior association with the greenery enclosure, a more incorporated kitchen and feasting region and more space for visitors. The brief likewise required a complete redesign of the inward design as the house had not been overhauled for more than 30 years.


We effectively made a configuration that is altogether custom-made to the customers’ needs. By opening the interior structure, while as yet keeping up the capacity of the already isolated regions, the house in a flash feels more open and inviting whilst taking into account better association with these spaces. There is a stream from front to back, proceeding out to the patio nursery, and in spite of the North confronting back rise, cunning situating of windows permits common light into the kitchen.


Through bringing down a segment of the space floor, we furnished them with another room and even with enough space for another bathroom.

Matt Clayton Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-05 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-06 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-07 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-08 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-09 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-10 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-11 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-12 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-13 Bright-and-luminous-Cotesbach-Road-Residence-in-London-by-Scenario-Architecture-14

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