The Beckett House by Adam Knibb Architects

The Beckett House by Adam Knibb Architects

Architects: Adam Knibb Architects
Location: Crawley, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Martin Gardner

Taking after on from the achievement of the Bluebell Pool House, Adam Knibb Architects were drawn closer to survey and create thoughts for an entire house renovation and expansion to the neighboring property.


With tight arranging limitations Adam Knibb Architects needed to take an imaginative perspective towards getting the space required. Two applications took into consideration a ground floor expansion and afterward the primary floor/side come back to be included, which gave the required space.


It is suggested that the current ranch specialists cabin would be totally gutted and transformed into an extremely contemporary advanced house. The ground floor expansion gives the open door for a huge vista perspective to the greenery enclosure. Confined with slim casing glass, the opening gives all encompassing perspectives. At first floor level another expert suite was included. This profited from double viewpoint sees – from forests to fields.


The outside idea is to have a strong stone work base, spoke to by render. The principal floor timber box can then seem to sit delicately on top. The configuration does not have any desire to be oppressive to the street so gives a delicate cutting edge come nearer from the front however then totally changes the house from the back.

The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-04 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-05 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-06 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-07 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-08 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-09 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-10 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-11 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-12 The-Beckett-House-by-Adam-Knibb-Architects-13

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