Apartment Ahu 61 by Leandro Garcia

Apartment Ahu 61 by Leandro Garcia

Location: Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Area: 1,400 sqft
Photo courtesy: Wmelão

Designed for a young couple, the project had as its starting point at the request of customers, the specification of a monolithic white coating across the floor of the social area.


Thus, this area was designed as a white wrap, including some pieces of furniture such as dining table, buffet and support piece for stereo and TV, ensuring uniformity and continuity of that environment. The exception is the panel natural wood veneer Ironwood, that being common to all ambiances that make up this area, does the integration among them.


The kitchen received different materials such as granite flooring, stainless steel worktop and Teak wood table, and the magnetized green chalkboard paint on the wall above the worktop.


The suite received Cumaru hardwood floors, upholstered headboard covered with linen and custom furniture natural wood veneer darkened Walnut.

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