Alpha House – A Mix of Intimate and Openness/Rubén Muedra

Alpha House Details:

ArchitectsRubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura
Location: 46893 Alfarrasí, Valencia, Spain
Principal Architects: Rubén Muedra
Area: 331,90 m2
Photographer: Adrián Mora Maroto
Collaborators: Ángela Gómez
Structure: Emilio Belda
Building Engineer: Rubén Clavijo
Interior Design: Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura
Construction: AT4 Grupo
Construction Year: 2018 (12 months)

About Rubén Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

RUBEN MUEDRA ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA S.L. is an architecture studio led by Rubén Muedra Ortiz, who has a 10-year career in the professional practice of architecture. His work has always been oriented to the pursuit of excellence in each project, making a quality architecture. Each project that enters the study is a new challenge and the firm always tries to achieve complete customer satisfaction taking the client’s uniqueness into consideration.

About Alpha House Project:

The house is located in a small town with 1,000 inhabitants in southern Valencia with spectacular landscapes that are visible mid-distance and faraway from the house.

Two pure prismatic structures

The project is comprised of two pure prismatic structures, both of different heights, that are at 90º angles to each other according to the functional needs of the house. This positioning creates a large exterior courtyard facing the house and a double interior height that joins both floors. Standing out against the two white prisms, the exterior enclosure of gray anthracite delimits the private exterior space and protects the privacy of the interior ground floor plan.

The ground floor – large glass-enclosed spaces

There is a significant contrast between the exterior surface treatment of the ground floor and the upper floor structures. The ground floor is characterized by its large glass-enclosed spaces that create continuity between the interior and exterior spaces. The solid enclosures defining the upper floor surface are created by a system of vertical slats that protect the house from the western sun, ensure the privacy of the night areas, and create a volumetric continuity throughout the house.

A mix of intimate and openness

Seen from the outside, the house appears to be quite subdued and very intimate. On the path from the entrance to the outside patio, however, one already senses the openness and flow from the interior to the exterior. As you enter the house, this sensation intensifies into a complete fusion of the two; there is no delimitation between the ground floor spaces and the exterior areas. Similarly, the first floor spaces benefit from the spectacular views of the Bell Tower and the Benicadell mountain range while maintaining the privacy of the house.

The ground floor is the day area with spaces that include a living room with double-altitude ceilings, a dining room and the kitchen (all of these are open); a guest bedroom, a barbecue and a grilling area and a garage. The exterior area contains the porch, the pool, and the solarium. The first-floor night area includes the master bedroom with a walk-in closet, two additional bedrooms, a gym, a recreational room and the laundry area. Both the master bedroom and the laundry area have adjacent open terraces.

Alpha house meets both Passive House criteria and the principles of Well Being

The construction concepts of this house meet both Passive House criteria and the principles of Well Being (WELL Building Standard) and have incorporated the more than 100 measures whose main objective is to improve the life quality of the dwellers.

This custom-made project integrates function, form, and constructive systems with the context while fulfilling all the necessities of the homeowner.

It is a tailor-made project, in which function, form and constructive systems respond fully to the context and needs of its inhabitants.

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