Adding A Pop of Style To Your Home Interiors With Tiles

Adding A Pop of Style To Your Home Interiors With Tiles

The popularity of tiles in architecture and design is set to rise at a rate of 7.7% from 2019 to 2025,  as predicted by Grandview Research. From marble effect tiles in bathrooms to wood effect ceramics on flooring, tiles are proving to be an ideal solution for  stylish yet sturdy surfaces that can be adapted to individual tastes in terms of color, texture and shapes. These are just a few top trends to watch out for in home tile design.

Textured Walls

Tiles on walls were once limited to kitchen backsplashes, but these days, they are being placed on specific walls in a home to add a pop of color, texture or even the bright sheen of metallics. Currently, three-dimensional tiles are being used to give life to creative, artistic designs that include stone and metallic effects, which add elegance to small areas of wall. Tiling can pick up on the main color scheme or add a nice contrast that draws the eye to a desired area of the room.

Patchwork Artistry

Colorful tiles from Morocco by Atlas Ceramics, inspired by the nature, architecture and tapestry of this rich culture, are being used to create artistic creations on flooring, walls and splashbacks. The passion for the  sheer whites and blacks of minimalism have given way to a desire for greater warmth, as can be afforded by strategically placed mosaic or patchwork tiles. Ideal spots include the strip of flooring between kitchen islands and wall-fitted countertops, decorative walls in the bathroom (think behind a standing tub), and on columns. Artistic tiles are always bound to steal the show, so use them in areas whose beauty you most wish to highlight.

Following Desired Pantones

Floors are not a feature that are frequently updated. However, they can still reflect a user’s color preferences, or be employed to set the mood (calming, invigorating, groundbreaking) in a room. One of the hot trends in tiles at the moment is the subtle insertion of colors like blue in choices such as wood effect tiles. The natural markings of wood are simulated with patterns that have tinges of unexpected hues instead of the usual brown or black.

Nature-Inspired Tile Designs

Biophilic design is ‘in,’ and this trend extends as much to choice of color, interior plant positioning, and the use of natural materials, as it does to tile patterns. Thus, we are seeing everything from large outdoor terraces with bars bearing botanical patterns, to stone or concrete walls graced with an arrangement of tiles bearing green and leaf-inspired designs. These tiles, paired with patterned tile flooring in hexagonal shapes in neutral hues like light gray, stone and white, afford a kind of harmony and peace that makes them ideal for placement by gardens or even plant-filled interiors.
From wood to marble effects, nature-inspired patterns, and 3D textured tiles that jut out of walls, tiles are increasingly proving to be a popular choice for those who wish their home to exude artistry. Whether simple natural finishes or bright metallics are the look desired, there are indeed tiles in all shapes and materials. What used to be a material limited to bathrooms and flooring is now the star player in everything from walls to artistic columns. The design world is busy dreaming up new ways of converting tiles into a major design feature in home and office interiors and exteriors, with pre-established limits consistently being challenged.

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