Mimo House by Kobi Karp Architecture

Mimo House by Kobi Karp Architecture

Architects: Kobi Karp Architecture
Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Photo courtesy: Antonio Cuellar


This contemporary residence is located in a beautiful and quite area in Miami Beach, Florida. The interior design has a big colour palette and also materials, from white to brown, yellow, grey, black, and from wood to concrete, metal and glass. The whole house is a “cocktail” of textures and colours but in the end, we could say that we love the exterior design that can be seen from the area next to the pool.

Mimo-House-02 Mimo-House-03 Mimo-House-04 Mimo-House-05 Mimo-House-06 Mimo-House-07 Mimo-House-08 Mimo-House-09 Mimo-House-10 Mimo-House-11 Mimo-House-12 Mimo-House-13 Mimo-House-14 Mimo-House-15 Mimo-House-16 Mimo-House-17

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