7 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Master Bedroom

7 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Master Bedroom

The best place to let your body rest, relax, and recharge after a long day is no other than your bedroom. Out of all the areas in your house, your bedroom is where you can unwind and completely be yourself. And so, it’s only right that you make your master bedroom the coziest and most sleep-inducing bedroom you’ll ever have.   

Achieving a comfortable and charming bedroom isn’t only about buying the right mattress, but it’s part of the key factors. The colors, accessories, decorations, and lighting can contribute to how stylish and relaxing your bedroom will be. If you’re trying to elevate and improve the atmosphere of your bedroom, this list will help you get started with your bedroom makeover.  

Whether you want to get creative and DIY your room or invest in cosmetic upgrades, here are seven easy ways to spruce up your master bedroom and make it the best retreat place of your dreams.   

1. Refresh Your Walls With A New Paint

Fresh paint can do wonders in quickly transforming your master bedroom as if it’s a brand-new room. However, not many people are ecstatic about refreshing their paint due to the fear that they may dislike the new color or it would mismatch the rest of the room decorations. To make it easier to pick a bedroom color, choose a color you’re more likely to wear in real life. 

For instance, if you’re always fascinated about wearing light green or light blue clothes, painting your walls with the same colors will make your bedroom more personal to you. After all, it’s your master bedroom, so, naturally, you want the area to reflect who you are. Moreover, knowing that your room is painted in colors, you often wear can make you feel peaceful and restful.  

2. Create A Gallery Wall 

Besides a new paint color, another way to spruce up your master bedroom walls is by hanging artworks and creating a gallery wall. You get to show off your artistic side through your choice of artworks. So, gather your favorite family photos, paintings, and posters and arrange them above your headboard or an empty bedroom wall.  

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3. Upgrade Your Bedside Lamp 

Most people have a bedside lamp, but not many realize that their lamp can also affect their bedroom’s aesthetic. Therefore, instead of the average bedside lamp that only features a bulb with a plain lampshade covering, it’s good to switch it up for a more stylish lamp. Don’t worry, as you can still save from your budget by buying a new and elegant lamp from second-hand stores, or you could also revamp your old lamp and design it to your preferences. With a new bedside lamp, you’ll surely wake up as if you recently slept in a hotel room.  

4. Change Your Bedding 

One of the essential factors in boosting your bedroom’s comfort, style, and aesthetic is swapping your old beddings into newer and more sophisticated ones. So, pull off those dull white (or off-white) beddings and experiment on patterned and colored beddings and comforters. These vivid colors and aesthetic patterns can bring life into your bedroom, especially your bed. Meanwhile, if the printed beddings are too much or too wild for your preference, you can always go for the sleek contemporary or rustic country colors.  

5. Add Colorful Rugs 

The bedroom floor is often easily forgotten during a space makeover. After all, the floor is designed to be functional and not a decorative asset. You can still spruce up your master bedroom by adding colorful rugs to your floor. You can go for a solid-colored or a patterned area rug. Doing this will add color to your room and add an accent to the room’s overall atmosphere.  

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6. Place The Bed In The Corner 

Many of you have been wired to think you should place the bed at the center because it’s the bedroom’s focal point. But the thing is, there are many ways you can position your bed in your room, and one of these is pushing the bed into the far corner. After doing this, you’ll realize how spacious your master bedroom will look. In addition, you’ll have more room for additional activities, such as a reading corner on the other side or a yoga area at the center of your room. 

7. Replace Your Lighting 

Replacing your bedroom lighting is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to boost your room’s style and atmosphere. If you’ve been using the same white lightbulb attached to the ceiling for a few months or years, it’s only understandable if the light’s looking too dull and bland.  

So, swap out that plain lightbulb and go for something unique like led lights, lanterns, fairy lights, and floor lamps. Moreover, using a couple of lamps instead of one lightbulb will allow you to adjust the lights when you need to dim or brighten the space for sleeping or working.   


Regardless of how big or small your master bedroom is, there are plenty of decorating and designing techniques you can do to spruce it up. So, start your bedroom makeover with the ideas above and be ready to experiment and step out of your comfort zone.

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