Renovation and expansion of The house and the light in Porto Viro, Italy by Davide Ferro

Renovation and expansion of The house and the light in Porto Viro, Italy by Davide Ferro

Architects: Davide Ferro
Location: Porto Viro, Italy
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Davide Ferro

“A few kilometers from the Po delta, in the province of Rovigo, David Iron signed the intervention of renovation and expansion of an existing building built in the ’70s in residential and commercial mixed use.


Air, light, water, wood, these are the protagonists of the project elements, which embellish the new heart of the house: the patio-garden. The project ‘The house and the light’ stems from the desire to reverse the role of the space, bringing the center of an area that was originally chain hallway.


It is a courtyard, inspired by the architecture of the colonial countries of Latin America, to which we now overlook room in the house. natural and artificial light are regulated through a sophisticated home automation system: the first, reflecting on of a body of water, it generates a slight reverb that also projects on interior spaces, reviving them; the second creates light paths by positioning a flush LED strips with the ceiling.


The design challenge is related to the topic of reuse, satisfying the demands of clients, to obtain inside the old building their home life, keeping the the original structure as possible. With the new arrangement, the meticulously designed interior, the patio becomes the new ‘light lantern’, not to make never equal the perception of space.”

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