7 Decor Ideas For A Cleaner Lounge

7 Decor Ideas For A Cleaner Lounge

We spend much of our time relaxing and connecting in the lounge. But it’s difficult to do when you’re surrounded by objects that are out of place and yelling at you to move them. True rehabilitation takes place in a relaxing setting. Since no one wants to go on a cleaning mission just to be able to relax, keeping your living room clean is the secret to a restful living space. Here are some imaginative and appealing ideas for a cleaner lounge so that it appears tidy almost all of the time.

Go vertical

Especially if the items you need to store are primarily for display rather than everyday use. Going up not only draws the eye across the room in a pleasing way, but it also helps to clear debris from lower surfaces and gives the appearance of order.

Opt for solid wood flooring

Carpets are often used in lounges, but over time and accidental spills they can begin to look old and tired. Solid wood flooring is modern, easy to clean, and provides a shine that will keep your lounge looking clean and tidy even when there are bits that need tidying up.

Think about color

Moving the eye around so you can view a room dynamically is a huge part of making things look like they’re in order. This happens when items are intentionally planned, and one of the best ways to do so is with color. Think about where pops of color will accentuate certain features in your lounge. Painting your chimney breast in an accent color, for example, is a great way of drawing the eye towards it.

7 Decor Ideas For A Cleaner Lounge

Place furniture strategically

Even in an open-concept layout, identifying your living room with well-placed furniture and a rug gives it parameters and prevents clutter from flowing in from other rooms. If you do have an open plan lounge/kitchen or diner, separating the rooms using your couch helps define which room is which and separate cooking and eating from relaxation time.

Use symmetry

Balance and symmetry are aesthetically pleasing, and integrating them into your decor will make your living room feel more structured right away. This doesn’t mean that everything on each side of a median needs to be identical, but it does mean that when objects on opposite sides of a center echo each other, a symmetrical outcome can be obtained.

Keep things off the floor

Aside from your furniture and any rugs, of course! Items left on the floor quickly make your lounge feel cluttered, even when it’s tidy. Being able to see the floor underneath furniture like a chest of drawers or coffee tables makes the room feel and look much tidier, not to mention making it easier to clean your floors effectively.

Buy furniture with storage

Finally, we all have those items that we don’t need or want on show, but don’t want to throw away. Things like magazines or children’s toys should be neatly stored away. Buy furniture with storage to prevent having to drag a storage unit into your lounge!

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