7 Creative Solutions for a Small Student Apartment

7 Creative Solutions for a Small Student Apartment

When you get into college, there are many things to think about, especially if you are about to move to a new place and have a roommate. With the ability to compromise, you will also need to take a few things from home as possible. In addition, you will have to adjust to a new schedule or create one yourself for the first time in your life and also adapt yourself to live in a small apartment. In the following article we will try to summarise several creative solutions for a small student apartment. 

If you used to study in your room without anyone getting in the way and with all your favorite stuff lying around, this would also change. A dorm room or a student apartment requires a lot of adjustments for one to feel cozy and be able to focus there, leave alone the fact that there is usually not much space which may pose some constraints.

Of course, you can go to the library with a comfortable desk and an even more calm atmosphere than in the dorm. That way, you can finally start preparing for an exam or do your homework unless you prefer asking for help and other expert assistance. Still, what if you do not want to study at a library? What if the weather is too bad to cross the campus and reach the library? What if you want to be in a warmer and more familiar atmosphere? 

Living in a villa is not a must to have enough room and feel comfortable. A smart and creative approach to planning your space is key, and if you lack ideas, here are the top recommendations that will make your room look much more spacious than it is.

1. Use What Is Already There

When moving to a new apartment or dorm room where you will live for the next several years, packing up only the most necessary stuff is essential. ‘Cause, you know, you’re not moving to a bunker you will stay in all that time. So move your things bit by bit when they are needed and be careful with extra furniture. 

Before bringing a couch/table to the new apartment, ask yourself: is this windowsill suitable for a working desk or a place to sit or sleep? Yes, it may not be, but you can still use a part of it to arrange organizers vertically instead of placing a whole shelf on the floor.

2. Use the Space Under the Bed

That very shelf you may want to put next to your bed is not a must-have, too, in case you have some room under the bed. Of course, you must make up something to protect your stuff from dust. However, if smartly arranged, this will be a kind of secret wardrobe that will save a lot of space and be barely noticeable. 

3. Employ the Minimalist Approach

That’s something that makes even cramped space look quite spacious. However, don’t think that minimalism is a lazy style. It is not about putting a mattress on the floor and throwing the rest of things around. That is just called a mess. 

The minimalist style is both about functionality and creative solutions. So, hang a couple of shelves but ensure those are rather narrow and do not look bulky. You may get rid of the side panels for them to look neater. Just make sure you use them mostly for the things you need to have at hand every day. Decorations are a good thing, but putting too many of them in the foreground will make the room look cluttered – and that is the first thing you would like to avoid when fighting for every inch of free space in the apartment.

How to Choose Furniture Pieces That Bring Warmth and Personality
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4. Improve Surfaces and Walls

To create enough surfaces for your stuff, you don’t have to put a lot of bulky furniture. Instead, just align vertically with as many things as possible and use the wall space. The latter can also be refurbished. For instance, light colors and mirrors help expand the room visually. The owner’s permission is the only thing to mind not to get in trouble. Otherwise, you will be evicted before asking your friends for a housewarming party.

5. Add Hanging Cachepots

Having plants around positively influences one’s mental state, and hence mood is a proven scientific fact. So, how do you squeeze our green friends into an apartment or room with few surfaces or if all of those are already occupied by necessary things? Hanging flower pots are highly recommended in this case!

First, they are less typical than usual pots, and the straps can be customized. Second, there is barely anything else to put under the ceiling. Therefore, the plants will have little to no ‘rivals.’

6. Don’t Forget About Organizers and Other Storage Items

Not buying extra items may be an option for a small room, but what about actually creative ways out? Obviously, when you need to buy something to sit on, the recommendation not to do that sounds silly. So, instead of purchasing an ordinary or bulky chair, opt for a pouf or chair with a hidden storage section. They are quite popular these days, and there is a wide selection.

That way, you will break even: the new item will occupy some space but also help you hide some stuff that you rarely use:

● use it as a place for light footwear in winter

● store a throw blanket

● hide your drawing and painting tools, the Xbox set, and so on.

7. Use a Foldable Screen Instead of a Monitor

Like most students and people, you probably like watching movies and series and playing Xbox with your roommate or alone. Unfortunately, extremely small rooms do not presuppose putting a wide screen to enjoy the picture in full HD, so you need a way out.

What about using the foldable screen and projector? The former will be barely noticeable when folded, and the latter can be put in a box and stored in a hidden place. You may have to make several alterations when choosing the most suitable wall and fine-tune the light. So, be ready for a makeover.

Final Word: Creative Solutions for a Small Student Apartment

So, the main points of design solutions for any small apartment are about:

● using the walls as extra surfaces;

● opting for smart storage items;

● using multifunctional items;

● Take care of the lighting and color palette – light colors will make the room look more spacious;

● avoid clutter and things you haven’t used for months (if not years).

If you follow all the tips above (including the one about consulting the owner of your apartment before making an overhaul), the chances are, the apartment you will have to live in a while studying at college or university will be your favorite place to stay. But, of course, sharing a room with someone else may be difficult when agreeing on what should be changed. Yet, finding a middle ground will benefit you both.

Thank you for reading 7 Creative Solutions for a Small Student Apartment

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