6 Items Worth the Splurge When Decorating Your Home

6 Items Worth the Splurge When Decorating Your Home


Decorating a house can be quite expensive. Whether you are doing a total renovation, starting from scratch, or just revamping some details, costs add up quickly.  In fact, according to a survey from Houzz & Home, the average homeowner spends about $15,000 on redecorating and other renovation projects.

Most home-owners find themselves having to stretch their budgets as far as they will go.

However, there are some instances where spending a few more dollars can really pay off in the long run. Just because you can buy a piece of furniture for a few hundred dollars less or cut corners in other design elements doesn’t mean that it is the best decision to make. After all, cheaper materials will break down quicker and need to be replaced.

Items Worth the Splurge When Decorating Your Home

Furthermore, making investments in home design can pay off if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Now, there is also no reason to splurge on every part of your home – that’s certainly a great way to run yourself deep into debt. The trick is to know when spending more money is the wise investment.

Let’s discuss six key places to drop the extra dough.


1.    Cabinetry

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. It tends to be the room that you spend a lot of time in on a daily basis. From a real estate perspective, kitchens are the places that add the most resale value. Plus, nice kitchens are often what attract home buyers if you do intend to sell your home one day!

But, remember that your cabinets experience a lot of wear and tear – so cheaper wood and finishes will be more likely to chip or need to be repainted.

Instead, go with cabinets with good quality woodworking so they look beautiful for years to come. Cabinets are a key part of your kitchen’s design, so splurging on the quality of the wood, color & finish, and detailed work can really give your home a whole new look that will last you for years and years.


2.    Statement Pieces

Statement pieces

The best way to make a room pop is by having a statement piece that instantly grabs your attention, such as a brightly colored chair, a large painting, or an elegant bar cart.

While you can certainly find a good deal on these types of pieces from time to time, spending more on an item that you truly love is a good move.

Now, the good news here is you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a bold statement! You can leverage your own ingenuity and build something that showcases your creativity. Maybe you want to build your own side table, set of drawers, bar top, or anything else. The most important thing is that you do it right. After all, you’re making a statement here!

If you’re feeling crafty, refer a complete woodworking guide so that you are well-versed with the tools and process you need to build something awesome that stands out!

Assuming you have the space, billiards tables make fantastic statement pieces – in addition to providing a fun activity.

Now, buying a pool or billiards table isn’t as easy as it might seem.

There are a surprising number of factors to take into consideration – not to mention it’s a big, heavy investment. If you want to give your home a bold – yet fun – statement piece, do yourself a favor and look through a pool table buying guide first to ensure you get the right product.


3.    Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is another common gathering place, especially for events like the holidays. You really want this room to make an impression, so your table and chairs will be the main focus.

Go with solid pieces of dining room furniture that will last you decades without going out of style! By skimping here and purchasing less expensive options, you will probably end up replacing them after a few years when they start to wear out or go out of fashion. On the other hand, more expensive classic wooden designs or glass table tops will always be in style.

Plus, if you want to add your own personal flair, consider purchasing chairs with cushions that you can change or reupholster to update the look. This is a great redecorating tip that can give your dining room a whole new look without having to switch out big pieces of furniture or spending a lot on new items.


4.    Main Living Room Couch

Main living room couch

When you want to wind down and relax, the couch is usually the first place you head for. Families spend hours every day watching TV, taking naps, or playing games on the sofa, so you really want to make sure it is comfortable and practical.

The average American claims they only spent around $150 on their sofa – so it’s no wonder that the couch is the piece of furniture that most homeowners want to replace! You want something that is comfortable, large enough for everyone, and easy to clean if possible – so it is well worth the extra dollars to purchase a piece of furniture that is going to last you for a long time.

Since this is an investment piece, go with a neutral color and classic design. Additionally, use accessories like pillows and throws to keep up with the trends.


5.    Office Furniture

If you work from home or are simply looking to make a creative space, you want to build a room that is not only attractive, but also highly functional.

Start with a checklist of the home office essentials:

  • A chair that is comfortable and ergonomic.
  • A desk that is large enough for all your tasks.
  • Plenty of drawers and storage space

You are probably going to be spending a lot of time in this office – so it’s best to splurge a bit and find the best materials.

Cheaper desks with shoddy wood finishing chip easily, and we all know how annoying it is when the drawers don’t shut completely or run off of the tracks. Having a comfortable chair can help you focus and get more done – so an investment in the furniture pieces can really make a difference – both visually and practically.


6.    Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are certainly more expensive items that are required in every single home. But no one really enjoys shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a fridge or stove, and it is easy to be tempted to buy a cheaper model which looks just as nice.

But when it comes to appliances, looks are certainly not everything. Spending the extra money here can vastly improve the function of your kitchen and lower energy costs with high efficiency products.

Plus, if you sell your home with appliances included, it can increase its value tremendously. That said, it’s recommended that you go with higher-rated models.



Whether you are redecorating one small part of a room or your entire house, the process should be fun. But you certainly don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on items that will wear out or go out of style.

Know when it is worth making the investment so you can create the look that you really want in your home that will last for years to come!

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