29 Square Meters Apartment by 3XA

29 Square Meters Apartment by 3XA

Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Area: 312 sqft
Photo courtesy: S.Zajaczkowski

29 sqm is a rather small space to live in. Therefore the priority of this makeover was to maximize the space and to create an independent bedroom. The ceiling at 3,7m (12ft) didn’t allow the designer to create two equivalent levels, but it was possible to build a semi-mezzanine.


Above the bathroom and the hallway there is a huge bed area 1,35m (4,5ft) high, whereas above the wardrobe there is a passage 1,85m (6ft) high. Moreover, to increase space, the living room, kitchen and dining area are combined into one room. Additionally, to deceive senses, a blind door was put on one of the walls.

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