House in Elie by WT Architecture

House in Elie by WT Architecture

Architects: WT Architecture
Location: Elie, Fife, Scotland
Year: 2014
Area: 2,960 sqft
Photo courtesy: David Barbour

We were the Architects for this new house, which replaces an existing bungalow above a golden sandy beach on the Fife coast.


The building is designed to make the most of the views towards the coastal lighthouse and across the Firth of Forth.


An open plan living space links the two storey main house to the smaller bothy accommodation. Completed in Summer 2014.

House-in-Elie-03 House-in-Elie-04 House-in-Elie-05 House-in-Elie-06 House-in-Elie-07 House-in-Elie-08 House-in-Elie-09 House-in-Elie-10 House-in-Elie-11 House-in-Elie-12

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