Wood and Iron Apartment in Varese, Italy designed by Luca Compri

Wood and Iron Apartment in Varese, Italy designed by Luca Compri

Architects: Luca Compri
Location: Varese, Italy
Year: 2012
Area: 400 ft²/ 37 m²
Photo courtesy: Simone Bossi, Varese-Mendrisio

The undertaking is a redesign work which has totally changed the dispersion and the inside space of a 400 ft condo worked in the 60’s in Varese. The old segment dividers and the long hall have been decimated to offer spot to three major boxes inside the flat; the new volumes, which contain the two bathrooms, the kitchen and the stroll in-wardrobe, extend the space and characterize the rooms, leaving opportunity of development over the space and new points of view.


In this way ordinary it’s conceivable to experience the house differently, exploiting common ventilation and light, however much as could be expected.


The lighting venture, utilizing LED lights, upgrades the space and the distinctive materials, which are oak wood, metal sheets and fiber mortar; no pastes were utilized, everything is of vegetable inception.


Eco-accommodating outline, bio-design, ergonomics and solace are the keys of the undertaking which mirrors the reasonable methodology of LCA studio to engineering.

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