Williams Studio by Gh3

Williams Studio by Gh3

Architects: Gh3
Location: Stony Lake, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2007
Area: 1,800 sqft
Photo courtesy: Larry Williams

A picture taker’s studio over a boat storage on Stony Lake is a reimagination of the model glass house in a scene in the Canadian Shield. A continuation of considering this structural aspiration, the focal idea of the house is reconceived through a contemporary lens of supportability, project, site and luxury. The convincing characteristics of basic, open spaces; inside and outside solidarity and material clarity are changed to upgrade the natural and automatic execution of the building, making structural engineering of both notable reverberation and creative context–driven outline.


The project imagines a building as north–facing window: a picture taker’s live/work studio and film area that is persistently showered in diffuse and undiminished common light. The straightforward exterior—a blind divider coated in low-iron glass—turns into the vital component in a photographic contraption to deliver pictures hopeless in an ordinary studio. The accessibility and constancy of north–facing light in the twofold tallness space give the picture taker unparalleled regular enlightenment, while the clarity of the coating changes the site and encompassing vistas into a heavenly, ever–changing scenery.


The conservative glass structure sits at the water’s edge on a rock plinth whose matte dark veneer dematerializes to suspend the building, lamp like, on the site. The stone’s warm mass endeavors the copious sun based information, wiping out the requirement for dynamic frameworks on winter days, while the lakefront site permits the utilization of a profound water trade to warmth and cool the building year–round through brilliant pieces and recessed border louvers at the floor and roof. Sliding sheets in the glass skin—three meters wide at the ground floor, and one and a half meters wide on the mezzanine floor—permit the exterior to wind up totally permeable for regular ventilation, while a separately robotized blind framework, white rooftop, and deciduous hedgerow prepare for over the top sun based addition. The persistent visually impaired framework also serves as a second tasteful skin, changing the inside into an encased, close space, and the outside into a tenderly intelligent mirror of the environment.


Section into the site is encouraged through a moderate scene that sends endogenous materials while leaving the best partition of the site in its reminiscent, icy mass scoured state. A straightforward rock plinth serves as limit for the south-bound passage, where strong project capacities and vertical course are organized in a tight, productive volume. From the beginning, the objective was to oblige the customer’s requirements inside of a little foot shaped impression. Local capacities are incorporated into a furniture-like mezzanine get together suspended over the principle space, where room, washroom and storeroom are coextensive, and sliding fritted glass permits the entire to be covered from whatever remains of the space. All through the upper and lower levels, inside parcels are clad with consistent white lacquered boards whose intelligent qualities diffuse light into all aspects of the inside and make complex layered perspectives of the space.

Williams-Studio-04 Williams-Studio-05 Williams-Studio-06 Williams-Studio-07 Williams-Studio-08 Williams-Studio-09 Williams-Studio-10 Williams-Studio-11 Williams-Studio-12 Williams-Studio-13 Williams-Studio-14 Williams-Studio-20 Williams-Studio-21 Williams-Studio-22 Williams-Studio-23 Williams-Studio-24 Williams-Studio-25 Williams-Studio-26 Williams-Studio-27 Williams-Studio-28

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