Lakeshore House in Potsdam by Archibald Buro

Lakeshore House in Potsdam by Archibald Buro

Architects: Archibald Buro
Location: Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
Year: 2009
Area: 2,600 sqft
Photo courtesy: Constantin Meyer, Henrik Jordan

The house is constructed with gigantic wooden plates (“Lenotec”) manufactured by Finnforest in the German Schwarzwald. These Lenotec components are settled and then wrapped with wooden protection (gutex). The veneer is painted softwood, the windows fit between the flat boards, so there is no sheet metal required.


I needed the exterior as basic as could be expected under the circumstances, it would appear that a basic white wooden box with no canal and so on from the road. The passageway is highlighted with green glass plates. At the lakeside the substantial collapsing glass entryways of Solarlux can be opened totally. When you remain in the front room, the glass in the winter patio nursery permits a 180 ° view over the lake.

Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-02-1 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-02-2 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-02-3 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-02 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-03 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-04 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-05 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-06 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-07 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-08 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-09 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-10 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-11 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-12 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-13 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-14 Lakeshore-House-in-Potsdam-15

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