Why Fire Suppression is an Essential Component of a Safe Home Design

Design a Safe Home by Including Fire Suppression Features


When planning a home’s design, aesthetics isn’t necessarily the only factor to consider. You also want to include features that boost the safety of yourself and all other occupants. After all, it’s much easier to enjoy your home when you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your house aren’t vulnerable to avoidable hazards and risk factors.

This is one of many reasons you should equip your home with a fire suppression system. The following are a few other noteworthy reasons to include this feature in a home’s design:


1. Saving money

Obviously, a fire can result in costly damage to your home. That’s less likely to happen if you have a modern fire suppression system in place.

Additionally, installing a fire suppression system can potentially help you save money on homeowners insurance. Many insurers offer reduced rates to homeowners who take steps to protect their houses from damage.

Remember that if you believe installing fire suppression equipment in your home is too costly right now, and is thus a task you can put off until later, when you’re not on a tight budget. In the long run, this equipment can essentially pay for itself.


2. Avoiding lawsuits


You and your family members aren’t necessarily the only ones who could potentially be harmed or even killed in a fire at your home. If a fire occurs when guests are over, they may also be at risk.

It’s worth noting that many of the most common causes of house fires can theoretically have a greater chance of starting a fire specifically during times when you’ve invited several guests over. For instance, during a party, when you and others may be more distracted, a house fire could be more likely to occur than usual because you were distracted while cooking, a curious child played with a lighter, someone dropped a cigarette, and more.

You certainly don’t want any guests ever being harmed or losing their lives at your home because you didn’t install proper fire suppression systems. Along with the emotional burden that comes from knowing such an incident could have been prevented if you’d installed effective equipment, you might also face an additional burden if a guest who was injured in a fire sued you for negligence. These are consequences you don’t have to worry nearly as much about when you proactively guard against fires.


3. Increasing your home’s value

You may choose to sell your home one day. Or, you may be redesigning it now in the hopes of boosting its value before selling it relatively soon.

Many factors influence how valuable a home may appear to potential buyers. Often, buyers are attracted to homes that have safety systems in place. Thus, by pointing out your home’s fire suppression system to someone considering purchasing it, you’ll likely be giving them a reason to pay more for your house than they otherwise would.

Of course, safety is still the main reason to install a fire suppression system in your house. The fact that such a system can help you both save and even earn more money is an added bonus. Your primary goal when installing fire suppression equipment will always be to ensure you’ve taken steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. Just make sure you’re installing quality products from a reputable brand.

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