Why Do I Sleep Better In A Recliner Than A Bed?

Why Do I Sleep Better In A Recliner Than A Bed?

If you’re one of the people who have found recliners comfortable to sleep in, you would prefer it any night to a bed. Doctors recommend recliners to give you extra comfort and convenience for a good night’s sleep. But the question is, “why do I sleep better in a recliner than a bed?” It’s easy to see why because the very appearance of a recliner is designed to keep your head elevated as you sleep. Recliners allow you to adjust the height and let you find the most comfortable position to sleep in. 

So, if you’re wondering why recliners are excellent choices for good sleep, read below to find everything from good to bad about recliners. 

What Is A Recliner?

A recliner is a sofa or armchair designed to recline when someone leans back on it. When the back reclines, the front raises. It is built for comfort to relieve various conditions while aiding a night of good sleep. 

Recliners are the best option to attain a “zero gravity” sleeping position. If you’ve never heard about this sleeping position, it is sleeping with your head raised slightly higher than your legs. Zero gravity is the most comfortable recliners to sleep in because this sleeping position relieves spine pressure. It is also beneficial for people suffering from sleeping problems. 

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1. Advantages Of Recliners

People use recliners for many reasons because of their several health benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using recliners instead of beds.

  • Enhances Respiratory System

Many people face breathing problems while sleeping. Problems like sleep apnea and COPD can greatly decrease the quality of sleep. 

To reduce problems associated with breathing, the best option is to use a recliner. This way, your head is neither too low nor too high, thus maintaining a perfect body posture to improve the respiratory system.

  • Prevents And Relieves Back Pain 

Back pain is common for anyone who works long office hours and for many others who do heavy-duty and prolonged work. There are two types of back pain – acute and chronic. 

Keeping your back reclined when you rest at night provides better support and quickens muscle recovery. Recliners also relieve spinal problems like osteoarthritis and lumbar spinal stenosis. 

  • Relieves Gastroesophageal diseases

One of the worst heartburn triggers is lying down on a flatbed. When the body is lying at rest, the acid in the stomach travels up the esophagus. This irritates the throat and causes problems like heartburn/acid reflux, and GERD.

It is recommendable for people with gastroesophageal diseases to sleep in recliners to minimize their symptoms. 

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Recliners are great for improving the circulation of blood in the body. However, sitting too long can be dangerous when you suffer from cardiac problems. It can lead to sudden rises in blood pressure, cause blood clotting, increase the risk of heart attacks, and more. Recliners allow you to lift your legs slightly and improve the heart’s blood flow. 

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2. Disadvantages Of Recliners

While there are several benefits to using recliners, there are also some disadvantages you should take note of.

  • Insufficient Blood Circulation

When you sleep, the muscles in your body undergo a regenerative process by transferring oxygen and nutrient to various parts of the body. Unfortunately, if you regularly sleep with bended knees, you obstruct blood flow from your legs to the upper body. So, don’t stretch your legs if you sleep in a recliner.  

  • Blood Clotting

Blood clotting happens when the body isn’t moving enough to circulate blood. If you sleep regularly on recliners, there is a chance that you might get a condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which can be very serious. 

  • Stiff Joints

When you sleep in a recliner, you have to accept that it is smaller than the bed and doesn’t offer as much space for movement. So, if you’re sleeping in a recliner for extended periods, it can cause your joints to become stiff. Again, this problem affects older people more than young people. 

The Proper Way To Sleep In A Recliner

If you’ve never slept in a recliner before, here is a guide to derive the maximum benefits of sleeping in a recliner. 

● Prepare the blankets and a comfortable pillow.

● You can spread a sheet over the recliner if it has an uncomfortable surface to sleep in.

● Let your legs rest on the footrest.

● Prop a pillow under your neck or lower back for extra support. 


Can I sleep in a recliner every night?

Yes. Recliners are safe and offer ample support to the body when you lie down. Doctors also suggest patients use a recliner to sleep in instead of a bed while they recover. In addition, recliners chairs relieve the symptoms of various health conditions, including back pain, breathing problems, and GERD, among others. 

How do recliners relieve back pain?

When you recline your body, the pressure on your spine and joints is reduced. This relieves the tension laid on the back. In addition, lying in a recliner provides rest to your core muscles, thus allowing them to heal faster. 

Are there any dangers of sleeping in a recliner?

Many people have no cons to say about sleeping in recliners. However, some people experience dangers such as blood clots, stiff joints, poor blood flow, and neck and back pain. 

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