White colours and simplistic fittings imbue the space with a contemporary feel of old penthouse in Shoreditch

White colours and simplistic fittings imbue the space with a contemporary feel of old penthouse in Shoreditch

Architects: Callender Howorth
Location: Shoreditch, London, England
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Callender Howorth

“Set in an old exchange building in Shoreditch, the latest Callender Howorth project involved the complete renovation of a spacious penthouse apartment. Our client wanted to create a home that felt like a “New York loft,” so we worked hard to make the most of the large spaces, high ceilings and natural light.


Starting from scratch, we took the walls back to bring this spectacular space up to date. In places we left brickwork exposed to evoke the industrial feeling that is associated with loft apartments in the Big Apple. White colours and simplistic fittings imbue the space with a contemporary feel, while colourful, bold art pieces give character.


We used glass partitions to segment the space, yet maintain the open-plan feel – as would be found in a loft apartment. Light permeates every corner of this chic penthouse.


The desirable home is perfectly suited to its surroundings: Shoreditch is a young, trendy area, inhabited by an eclectic mix of people. Tailoring this project to the desires of our client was both challenging and rewarding.”

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