Villa Peppinella by Domenico De Palo

Villa Peppinella by Domenico De Palo

Architects: Domenico De Palo
Location: Puglia, Italy
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Domenico De Palo

A white box loaded with light and space with inside and outside that mix and blend to pass on gentility and breath with extensive sliding windows that keep running along the edge of the house. Overpowering and energizing climate that upgrade the situation with shades of dark warm and encompassing. And after that the vicinity of white dependably underscored the volumes, to hit its clarity, to incorporate the disharmony. To characterize the spaces are the dividers that wall it in, as well as the light enters it, it spreads, which takes part in the feelings of the house itself.


Opening the entryway of this condo you can see a white box with the volumes and inside dark; the focal volume dark dependably underlines the vicinity of the flame on account of Song of Fire, composed by Domenico de Palo for the organization Antoniolupi. In the unwinding range we take note of the couch The simple delicate outlined by Domenico de Palo for the organization Antidiva in dark velvet. The house was secured with parquet flooring prefinished white. On the roof we see slices blue light on account of the production of the false roof and the utilization of bar 094 Viabizzuno organization, where they were introduced with problem areas of light pillar to 8 °, which makes an in number recommendation.


Figure of the house is the sink Talamo composed by Domenico de Palo for the organization Antoniolupi put behind a glass plate bronzed that impression. Behind it the way to get to the administrations.


Aggregate white staircase with glass balustrades lit with blue light The Strict outlined by Domenico de Palo for the organization Viabizzuno that serves as checking ventures to get to the dozing region.


Twofold stay with focal piece marble-lined dim armani organization Antolini, which contains inside of it a shower in sight. On the sides are introduced From Straight outlined by Domenico de Palo for the organization Viabizzuno.

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