Villa La Madone in the southern of France by 2CM & Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati

Villa La Madone in the southern of France by 2CM & Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati

Architects: A2CM, Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati
Location: Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Aldo Amoretti

“Villa La Madone is built around a construction of the 60 placed inside the Domaine de la Torraca in Roquebrune – Cap Martin. Unlike the old house, the composition of the new building comes in close contact with the surrounding garden and the existing terraces, made with the typical retaining walls of local stone, of a genuine and essential simplicity.


The stone part of the building corresponds to the retained volumes of the old house and its most intimate parts; the rooms on one side and the kitchen and the study on the other. The space remaining between these two volumetric and structural cores instead defines the “public” parts; the reception living room next to the study, the family living room and the entrance area around the olive tree courtyard.


The climate of the Riviera allows to live outdoor good part of the year and in the building there is no continuity between the interior spaces and routes through the house and find fulfilment on the roof garden. Villa La Madone is a building with two faces: on the one hand expresses the desire of the family to enjoy the vastness of the horizon and the romantic beauty of the landscape, at the same time want to be viewed from a distance with the dignity of a bourgeois woman, jealous of his domestic intimacy and linked to the peaceful relationship with the docile nature of the garden and the natural micro cosmos that it contains.”

villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-03 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-04 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-05 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-06 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-07 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-08 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-09 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-10 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-11 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-12 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-13 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-14 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-15 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-16 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-17 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-18 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-19 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-20 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-21 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-22 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-23 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-24 villa-la-madone-southern-france-2cm-ceschia-e-mentil-architetti-associati-25

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