Townhouse from the end of the nineteenth century transformed by P·A. architects

Townhouse from the end of the nineteenth century transformed by P·A. architects

Architects: Personal Architecture
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Personal Architecture

“In amongst the stately homes of the Hoflaan in Rotterdam, a townhouse from the end of the nineteenth century has been transformed by P·A. The plan was executed in several phases: in phase 1 (2013) the triangular ‘DIY log cabin’ on the roof was replaced by a fully-fledged second floor along the entire length of the building. In phase 2 (2015), P·A completed the plan for the renovation and extension of the ground floor. Lastly, in phase 3 (2016), the garden and ground floor interior were reconfigured.

The new second floor accommodates a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a study, a guestroom annex gym as well as a spatious storage loft. Due to the building’s status of protected city view, P·A decided to keep the front façade classical.

Meanwhile, the extension to the rear of the property was given a contemporary appearance and forms a powerful contrast with the existing building. The height difference between the garden and the living room of over a metre was solved in the interior by introducing a ‘living staircase’ over the full width of the house. Due to this intervention the kitchen and dining area have a spectacular height of over five metres. The height difference also ensures that a view of the garden from the library at the street side and the living room in the centre of the house is preserved.

The dining area and kitchen are separated by a storey-high element that also features an opening for access to the built-in (breakfast) bar. The element furthermore creates a balanced relationship between the desired interaction between cooking and dining on the one hand, and the aversion of having an open kitchen on the other hand.

For the furnishings P·A selected a shrewd mix of ‘design classics’, furniture by young designers and custom made furniture.”

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