The Z Apartment by Studio 1408

The Z Apartment by Studio 1408

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Area: 1,722 sqft
Photo courtesy: Cosmin Dragomir

The Z apartment is located in a central urban neighbourhood of Bucharest and spreads over 160 square meters. It is a twostory penthouse apartment that has been almost completely refurbished over the course of six months in order to fit the customer’s needs. The challenge of this project was to compose an apartment defined by an elegant and serious style, which was the requirement of the customer, without sacrificing the comfortable and cozy feeling every great home should have. In order to obtain these effects, our team decided to use glossy surfaces with sober colors like the glossy beige living room furniture and the dark grey wallpaper, the shiny black kitchen cabinets to contrast with the pronounced texture of the wooden surfaces, creating a very modern display.


On the upper floor, we tried to create a comfortable set of living spaces by combining a modern lounge area with a generous dining area, a closed kitchen and a big terrace along the whole length of the apartment with great views over the city. The living / dining room is the core of the apartment, setting the mood for a social hub to use with friends and family. The lower floor of the apartment contains the private spaces for the family of three: two bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom and storage space. The apartment also features a guest room which temporarily works as a home office.

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