The Prospect House by Jonathan Segal Architecture + Development

The Prospect House by Jonathan Segal Architecture + Development

Architects: Jonathan Segal Architecture + Development
Location: La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA
Year: 2005
Area: 7,200 sqft
Photo courtesy: Jonathan Segal Architecture + Development

This 7,200 square-foot parcel was a deserted cocoa field site, empty subsequent to 1992. The modeler/proprietor utilized the space to manufacture a private, urban living arrangement for his family with an on location structural planning studio.


The habitation is a stucco box laying on and upheld by Corten steel divider planes, giving both protection and commotion lessening. The principle living territory is encompassed by a thinking about pool one side and a glass floor on the other. Beneath grade, where the workplace and diversion offices dwell, the glass floor/roof frees the space and permits adequate common light.


The house is transparent developing the reasonable space into the private garden and reflecting pool. Limits are broken down and reached out through sliding boards and daintiness, straightforwardness, and sweeping perspectives.

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