Rounded Loft in Prague by A1 Architects

Rounded Loft in Prague by A1 Architects

Architects: A1 Architects
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Year: 2011
Area: 2,368 sqft
Photo courtesy: David Maštálka

Toward the start of the year 2010 we had begun outlining terrific storage room space in Prague. It was another test for us to manage very nearly “unfathomable” space for living as indicated by our past experience concentrated for the most part on little scale.


The issue of “unlimited” space turned into the primary theme of our work. The private spaces, for example, rooms are obviously isolated, yet whatever is left of regular exercises rooms are joined inside of one familiar space. It begins at the passage corridor with dressing closets and marginally proceeds with towards living space and kitchen with huge eating table, the space is additionally opened to upper exhibition which is implied for visitors.


To achieve particular familiarity of space we chose to round off a percentage of the inside corners, which at long last give the space its one of a kind smooth character. Because of these diminished corners one moves and feel just free and the bounderies of dividers some way or another vanishes. Indeed, even the staircase with incorporated chimney and library ascensions up in adjusted corner. The railing is made out of dainty stainless steel net, so it is protected yet even smooth and straightforward.


Alongside the primary nonstop living space there are three rooms and one study room, and some storage rooms incorporated for the most part as inherent furniture. The issue of materials was another imperative piece of the undertaking. Their fundamental atributes are touchableness and immaculate instinctive nature. We picked painstakingly a large portion of them together with customers at stone workshop and joinery. A large portion of woden furniture were perfectly customized pieces.


Beige vast arrangement tiles are utilized on all upper room floors to bolster the sentiment coherence. We uncovered as a great part of the wooden bearing structure as we could. The kitchen counter is made out of dark rock stone which is beside brilliant marble on the divider behind. There is utilized walnut wood for the feasting table and fiery debris lacquer for the light above. The living space is associated with the kitchen by crude dark mortar.

Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-05 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-06 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-07 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-08 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-09 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-10 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-11 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-12 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-13 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-14 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-15 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-16 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-17 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-18 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-20 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-21 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-22 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-23 Rounded-Loft-in-Prague-24

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