Stylish and bright apartment with light metal and textured coatings that belongs to a young girl with her daughter

Stylish and bright apartment with light metal and textured coatings that belongs to a young girl with her daughter

Architects: Allarts Design
Location: Perm, Russia
Year: 2016
Area: 1.292 ft²/ 120 m²
Photo courtesy: Saranin Artemy

“This stylish and bright apartment belongs to a young girl with her daughter. The hostess asked the studio ALLARSTDESIGN after received the keys and it’s the issue of repair. Customer once insisted on the interior – in which everything must be red, slowly and surely, we exclude too much of this color. We added a lot of light metal and textured coatings.


The apartments are located in a new residential complex on the 16th floor in the center of the small town of Perm (Russia, the Urals). The total area is 120m2 (1,292sf2). Basic room – living room, kitchen, living room, sitting area, bedroom, bathroom teen bathroom.


Our customer likes to spend the evening with large companies and very much to all of this was taken into account. Just needed a Bio-fireplace, large screen TV and a large kitchen. The decision came at once – we did not share, and made false volume and partially suspended in the air. All functionality we placed in the hall. High contrast supported the dynamics of the central structure, which combines several tasks. The main emphasis was made by a central fireplace with a suspended work island, a fridge and two TVs. Space fat to work for itself. You can completely bypass around the central shape, and thus views.


To hang a fireplace – we had to count a large metal structure that was larger than the fireplace. We opened the floor around the fireplace and hid the very support. It turned out that the fireplace keeps “foot” which is located in the floor, and the connection in only one area. The result was very airy, although the design of the fireplace weighs more than 150kg. We checked on the slack – everything went really well! So we have divided into four main lounge area is the kitchen, sitting area, dining area and living space.


Bedroom resolved in bright colors. There we placed the dressing room. Three-dimensional textured wallpaper, a large bed, which we have built in lighting control, floors. And the lights in the headboard added to emphasize the volume on the wallpaper.


Teenager room looks stylish and modern, in the room there is only one color of the walls – a complex blue, the other walls and the ceiling – white. The room itself, we were divided into three parts – a walk-in closet, sitting area, and a bedroom-workplace that we have identified a small podium with lighting and light textiles delimited to a minimum could change the atmosphere of the bedroom. Dressing we did with photo printing.


Hall we made light – added contrast ornament and manufactured LED acrylic lights, which are mounted on the walls and corners.


The apartment have a clearly identifiable character owl, red and bright interior.”

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