The Bal House by Terry & Terry Architecture

The Bal House by Terry & Terry Architecture

Architects: Terry & Terry Architecture
Location: Menlo Park, California, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 2000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Bruce Damonte Photography

This venture is an expansion to and rebuild of a current mid century farm house. It was intended for a resigned couple, who sought a solitary story home with open, available space. The expansion, situated in the back patio nursery zone, is joined with the first structure by method for a straightforward foyer that permits the greenery enclosure to stretch out into the center of the house.


The expansion includes two gliding volumes. The main is the room wing/volume, which is situated on the west side of the house. The current room volume was reached out toward the back as a wood tube to suit an extra room. This room volume opens out to the greenery enclosure.


The second volume, which includes the principle space, houses the kitchen, eating and media territories. The east wood divider plane of the fundamental space folds onto two solid dividers to frame the principle rooftop plane. The fundamental space delivers vast straightforward openings or voids that open out onto a deck at the back greenery enclosure. The fundamental rooftop plane stretches out forward to shape the parking space rooftop close to the front of the property. A patio nursery solid divider extends from the media room toward the greenery enclosure neighboring a back slope and structures some portion of the cantilevered seat that echoes the solid divider material in the fundamental space.


These two wood volumes,. the “room tube” and the “rooftop plane,” make an association and openness to the greenery enclosure by utilizing straightforwardness, clean negligible point of interest and basic materials.


The first structure, which houses the music room, two rooms and a restroom, was held and redesigned. Another steel narrows seat by the window was embedded at the front room to supplant a little existing window. The front section yard was augmented and remade with hardwood decking associating with the new carport.


The chimney stack was recreated and, alongside the garage stockpiling volume, was cleaned with reused epdm elastic. Another foyer/section and wood cleaned capacity divider were outlined into the center of the structure to interface or draw in the new expansion with the current structure.

Bal-House-01 Bal-House-02 Bal-House-03 Bal-House-04 Bal-House-06-1 Bal-House-06 Bal-House-07 Bal-House-10 Bal-House-11 Bal-House-13 Bal-House-14 Bal-House-15 Bal-House-16 Bal-House-21

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