Texas Embraces Modern Design In Open Plan Houses And Tiny Homes

Despite a slight drop in house sales recently, there is evidence of  continued positive momentum for home construction in Texas. With a small deficit in housing inventory, and an increase in lot development and the granting of more single family permits, it’s a great time for house hunters to design and create their own unique home. A customized property can  accommodate a client’s specific requirements for size, layout and function, while at the same time embracing the latest trends in modern design.
Clean Lines In Open Houses
For clients looking for inspiration for their own house designs, current home building trends were on show recently during an annual home tour in Houston. Texas is known for a diverse range of large house designs, including ranch, colonial and Mediterranean. However, the clean lines of  modern and simple open style homes are now increasing in popularity. Austin limestone, wooden floors and other striking, natural materials help to create bright and airy homes, and add ample interest and decoration to increasingly minimalist interiors. Of course, creating modern and innovative properties, tailored precisely to a buyer’s needs, takes time and effort. One  custom home builder in Austin notes that a comprehensive service not only helps clients plan their home, but ensures that the whole construction process is uninterrupted and completed on schedule. The result of careful planning is overall superior quality, and a home that satisfies the desire for contemporary, open plan living.
Keeping Cool In A Tiny Home
A large airy and open home is well suited to the hot, dry Texan climate. However, the  trend for tiny homes that has spread across the country over the last decade, is also currently making its mark in Houston. A narrow home acts as a channel for air to flow through, which maximizes the efficiency of essential air conditioning. The smaller size also embraces the trend for minimalist living, and fixtures and fittings can be carefully chosen and installed to the owner’s particular taste. Tiny homes can make use of smaller lots, and the use of reclaimed materials in their construction adds to their sustainable and green design.
In Texas, both large, open plan properties and tiny minimalist homes are reflecting a trend for modern, clean lines and simple interiors. Unique, custom built properties, tailored specifically to discerning clients, offer contemporary design without compromising on quality or practicality.