Tea – Art Apartment by J.C. Architecture

Tea – Art Apartment by J.C. Architecture

Architects: J.C. Architecture
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Photo courtesy: Ivan Chuang

This Residential unit is located in Banqiao, the location has its challenges for its density and busy-ness , but when we learnt the city is going to develop a mega park at the back of the apartment, we knew we had to rethink the layouts to what was originally given by the developer so we can take full advantage of the future park views.


The apartment is located on the 3rd floor, in between the tree lines, we decided to flip the program 180 degrees so the living room is at the back and will be able to get the full amount of park views and sunlight that it deserves.


The challenge is also to open up the space big enough so the whole house can gain this new advantage of its openness and relationship to the outside, that when one walks out of the bedroom, or one at every corner of the house, people can feel the tranquility of the space beyond.


We created a “Tea Art” at the heart of unit, like a piece of space sculpture, its able to relate to the spaces inside, and as importantly to the future tree lines outside, it acts as a mediator between inside and out, also a space where one would be able to relax, social, interact, and rest. The wooden material and its sculptural quality transcends to other corners of the residence, giving a peaceful nature that one should have in one’s home, and also a bit of wow factor into everyone’s life.

Tea-Art-04 Tea-Art-05 Tea-Art-06 Tea-Art-07 Tea-Art-08 Tea-Art-09 Tea-Art-10 Tea-Art-11 Tea-Art-12 Tea-Art-13 Tea-Art-14 Tea-Art-15 Tea-Art-16 Tea-Art-17 Tea-Art-18 Tea-Art-19 Tea-Art-20 Tea-Art-21

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