T-1 Residence by McClean Design

T-1 Residence by McClean Design

Architects: McClean Design
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2014
Area: 9,500 sqft
Photo courtesy: McClean Design

This home on Tanager is the third we have planned on this minor however extremely select road in West Hollywood. A circular drive with awesome perspectives, it’s a much looked for after area. Our task sits on a corner parcel which permitted us to partitioned person on foot and vehicular passage to the undertaking. Our essential concerns were to accomplish a huge program and amplify accessible perspectives of the city beneath.


To accomplish this we used a solitary story over storm cellar plan. The way to the cellar was to figure out how to augment light and make spaces that individuals would need to occupy. Our answer was a direct light well isolating the road from the house legitimate. From the road, just the section door is obvious between two expansive stone dividers. After entering the perspective is uncovered through the breathtaking glass living space which is come to by method for an extension over the light well and water highlight.


The goal of the scaffold is to back the member off and make a sentiment division from the road behind. The light well opens totally to an amusement space and an office region, light is skiped in by method for a white marble waterfall. The water highlight fills the light well aside from a drifting stage perfect for perusing or appreciating the living green dividers at either end.


The cellar is further improved by a sky lit stairwell and rooms that sunshine to the perspective past. The insides of the house where co-composed with Minotti and mirror their profound rich shading palette making an enticing arrangement of spaces.

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