Important Things to Consider When Organizing Your Kitchen

Important Things to Consider When Organizing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in most homes. Therefore, it follows that if it were more organized, it would be neater and more comfortable to use. Below are a few items and actions you may consider when reorganizing your kitchen to make your life easier.


Empty the Cabinets

The cabinet, not to mention the fridge and cooker, are among the most frequented spaces in your kitchen. That said, the first step when organizing your kitchen involves emptying the cabinets and drawers. After pulling everything out of each cabinet, donate or dispose of the infrequently used items or things that you no longer require.

Also, discard duplicate items, broken gadgets, and expired ingredients. Be sure to also dispose of the empty containers or those without lids. You can also use this chance to replace and refurbish old cabinets.


Group Similar Items

After emptying the cabinets, you need to find the best way to categorize similar items and place them together. Grouping similar items in the cabinets would not only keep your kitchen organized but also help you quickly find whatever you need when cooking.

  • Sort out you’re cooking and baking items and pile them together in one place in the cabinet
  • Sort out the dishes that are used regularly, and group the glassware
  • Put together seasonal and holiday items, as well as those special serving and entertainment pieces that you use occasionally
  • You’ll also want to ensure that the items you use frequently are put in a place that is easily accessible

Now that you have all the grouped items laid out on a clean surface, start organizing the cabinets by deciding where each item should be put.

  • Store all your cooking and baking items close to where you prepare your food
  • Do the same for the utensils. All glassware should be kept close to the refrigerator or sink.
  • You’ll also want to create a beverage station that includes coffee, tea, mugs, filters, and sugar. Consider storing these items in a drawer near the water.
  • Store all the lids in one large container and the plastic tins in a huge box or wire rack located at the sides of the cabinets

The goal here is to save on storage space, which is typically limited in most kitchens. So, be sure only to keep the items that you need and use frequently.


Hang a Shoe Organizer behind the Door

The chances are that your kitchen has a door leading to a small broom closet or pantry. Maximize the space behind the entrance by installing a shoe organizer on the door. Let the name shoe organizer not confuse you; it can store essential items, such as rubber bands, chip clips, or even spices. An over-the-door-shoe organizer will help you free up the cabinet and drawer space for bigger items like containers.


Use an Organizer under the Sink

You may have ignored the space behind the sink for the longest time even though you stand above it daily; make use of this netherworld by use of organizers. An adjustable or expandable under-sink shelf storage will do the trick. You can use this storage space for rubber gloves, cleaning supplies, or garbage bags.


Double Your Cabinet Storage

If you’re looking to increase your kitchen’s storage space, consider doubling or tripling your cabinet storage using a two-or three-tier organizer. These organizers look good and, at the same time, make a perfect storage space for canned items. With such cabinet organizers, you no longer need to move items around to reach those at the back. Everything should be labeled for quick identification and easy reach.


Eliminate Moisture

Excess moisture in the kitchen can trigger growth of mold and mildew on food items and in the cabinets specially if you live in a basement, which can lead to musty, irritating odors. Fortunately, these problems can be counter by a dehumidifier, which will effectively reduce the dampness and thus eliminate moisture-related issues. There are various types of dehumidifiers, for example a small room dehumidifier can be best suited for areas like kitchen, to know more details read expert reviews at Veranda Interior website for getting the one that will suit your needs.

Unlike its compressor-based counterparts, a desiccant dehumidifier won’t take much storage space in your kitchen and will fit snugly in the most constricted of cabinets. A dehumidifier helps to dry your indoor air to make your kitchen space more comfortable for people with allergies and asthma, among other breathing conditions.


Consider Space Saving Containers

Kitchen chaos is often indicating that numerous food containers that can’t even fit in your cabinets. To reduce the disorder, it would be best to consider rectangular or square food storage containers as they are easy to stack in your cupboards. Ideally, consider picking them in medium sizes to fit into the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher. Also, it would be best to keep your spices in their original containers.


Use See-through Containers

Among the primary culprits for kitchen disarray include piles of mismatched containers. Although you may have already discarded several food storage tins, ensure that all the remaining containers can display what’s inside them clearly. Alternatively, you can label the containers if they’re not transparent. Consider marking your containers and arranging them in an alphabetical order to make them easy to find.


Clear the Fridge and Store Food Properly

Did you know that your refrigerator is designed with various spots for specific types of foods? But before you store food in the fridge, ensure to separate the items that require refrigeration from those that don’t. For instance, certain farm products like tomatoes, garlic, pears, bananas, and onions should be stored out of the fridge, preferably in a shaded area.

Remember to store meat on the bottom shelf of the fridge and dairy products on the upper shelves. You may also want to apply the FIFO (first-in-first-out) method when storing groceries and other food items, which will ensure that no food is wasted.


Opt for Tension Rods

Tension rods are among the most underrated kitchen organizational tools. You can place the rods anywhere in your kitchen and use them for creating extra space for spices or organizing bottles under the sink. Besides, the tension rods will come in handy when storing paper towels and lid organizers.


On a Final Note

A well-organized kitchen is appealing to the eye, helps you cook efficiently, and wastes less food. You’ll want to make sure that this space stays organized, which will go a long way in saving you time and energy. By rearranging the furniture, emptying and refilling your cabinets and fridge, using clear food containers, and making use of tension rods and storage organizers, your kitchen will become a lot practical and comfortable.

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