Stylish Eco-Friendly Apartment in Tribeca

Stylish Eco-Friendly Apartment in Tribeca

Location: Tribeca, Manhattan, New York, USA
Photo courtesy: One Fine Stay

Carbon footprint

Start with oxygen; add nitrogen, carbon, sunlight – the basics. Yes, an ecosystem can prosper on the bare minimum – but why settle on spare when you can skew stunning? Behold Hudson Park, a spacious six bedroom, six bathroom biotope rich with colour and texture. If you breathe film, the private in-home theatre’s for you. If spa-calibre comforts are most nourishing, the master washroom is your native habitat.






Your hosts are a pair of trail-blazing city transplants who caught the tradewinds into New York with stars in their eyes. Now a city-dwelling family, their organic, independent ecosystem is the crown jewel in their beloved Tribeca biome. When it comes to nurturing a sense of balance and abundance here at their loft-style estate, they’re naturals.


Tree of life

Spring up to the first floor and you’ll only have just reached the understory. The polished kitchen, formal and informal dining areas, and sitting room synthesize exposed brick and wood beams into one extraordinarily wide-open living space. With a glossy grand piano, colour-curated tomes, and so much natural light, nothing is for a moment dim or primordial.


Downstairs, study the science of frolic in the playroom or film appreciation in the cushy home theatre. Then drift again skyward to the third-floor canopy, where the master quarters are shaped by roughened wood beams, hand-set river pebbles, and cool, carbon-coloured slate. Adapting to Hudson Park’s special ecology is a breeze – before you know it, you’ve sent down roots.


Natural resource

Home of glittering film stars, culinary flagships, and cutting-edge boutiques, Tribeca is a picture-perfect perch from which to pollinate the city. Though walkable and friendly, the neighbourhood also boasts a hard-to-come-by polish and exclusive atmosphere. From here, catch the subway at Canal Street or Spring Street to forage at the city limits.

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