Stunning design for a L-shaped house located in Israel

Stunning design for a L-shaped house located in Israel

Architects: Shachar – Rozenfeld Architects
Location: Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel
Year: 2016
Area: 5.382 ft²/ 500 m²
Photo courtesy: Shai Epstein

“The house us built on a square lot of 600m2 in diameter, designed as an L shaped bench facing the gard.

The two sides of the house contain the public functions, facing the yard and wrapped around the outdoor sitting area. The swimming pool is located at the back of the yard.

A thin “carpet” borders the outdoor sitting area and connects the different parts of the house for ease of access in daily activities.

The house is built like a diagonal cube, with a slanted roof that turns into diagonal beams in two slopes, which in turn surround the frontal and side façades and conceal the tiled roof in accordance with the t.b.p.

The alignment of movement is central to the function of the house. The staircase goes up all three floors – It stands at the center right between the two sides of the house with no support, as a statue-like steel element that separates the lobby and the living room.

The first floor contains three children’s suits and a master bedroom. The bedroom is located right on top of the living room with a peripheral view of the swimming pool. The basement contains a spacious family room and an additional childrens’ suit.

The frontal façade facing the street is partially tiled with Granite. The front door acts as an integral part of the façade and tiled with the same material. The diagonal element is coated with Cedar wood throughout its interior. This element starts with a vertical wall, continues with the upper beam, through the side and into the living room area, where it acts as a bench facing the garden.”

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