Steps for Choosing Ceiling Fans for Your Property

Steps for Choosing Ceiling Fans for Your Property

Whether you own a condo or house, and live in the property or rent it out, the likelihood is that at this hot time of year, you want to start choosing ceiling fans available to use to help you stay cool.

If your property doesn’t yet have any of these useful appliances, or if the current products need replacing, you’ll notice there are dozens of different options on the market. With fans from many brands and at varying price points, though, it can be daunting trying to work out which one(s) to buy. Follow the below steps to make the process simpler.

Set a Budget

Set a budget for your purchase so you know how much you can realistically spend. Getting clear on this figure upfront, before you start shopping will help you to avoid being persuaded to outlay more than you can afford.

Plus, it also filters out some products, so you don’t waste time and energy investigating options that aren’t within your budget anyhow. As you shop for quality ceiling fans, tell salespeople the budget you need to stick within, and see what they recommend. If browsing online, you’ll find that most online stores have price points you can search within.

Measure Up

You might think ceiling fans come in one main size, but not so. There are plenty of different sizes on the market, so it’s necessary to measure up the room you want to install a fan in so you know how much space you have to play with. If you purchase a fan that isn’t the right size for the room, you can end up with various issues. For example, if the fan is too small, it won’t efficiently move air around. On the other hand, if the fan is too big for the room, you could end up feeling like you’re standing in a wind tunnel.

Note, too, that while the size of a room is the main determining factor when it comes to picking a fan, also take into consideration the height of the room, since taller ceilings mean a fan has to circulate more air to provide effective results. Sometimes you need to place two or more fans in an area for optimal cooling, too.

Steps for Choosing Ceiling Fans for Your Property

Get Clear on What’s Most Important

Before you start shopping for a ceiling fan, get to know the kinds of features available in these products. Think about what will suit the room you want the fan to go in, and the functionality you’re after. Today’s appliances are rich in features and design, so buyers are spoiled for choice.

What kind of controls do you want on your product? There are still some fans available that have the old-fashioned pull chain control, but most are now either operated via a wall switch or a remote. The latter is certainly convenient if you want to be able to change the fan’s speed or light settings, etc., without having to rise.

Another consideration is energy-efficiency. A more eco-friendly fan comes with an ENERGY STAR seal that means it is around 20 percent more efficient than others. There are also many different materials on offer. You can buy blades made from natural wood, cross-laminated veneer, or acrylic, as well as finishes in all types of wood-based colors, black, plain white, bright shades, high lusters, faux granite, or even reversible finishes. When buying fans, you can also consider general design style, such as contemporary, rustic, art deco, or antique looks.

Do Your Research when choosing ceiling fans

It might be easy to go to your local hardware or department store, or a specific fan store if you have one in your area. However, to ensure you choose the best product for your needs and budget, it pays to research first. Check out the different brands and what they offer, including factors such as reliability, ease and cost of repairs, and warranty.

Once you’ve narrowed down a list of contenders, read product reviews and brand testimonials to give you further insights. In particular, look at social media sites and well-regarded, specialist review blogs and websites for information about how products stand the test of time.

Try to see fans in person before buying them, too, or at least purchase them from places that enable you to get a refund if you’re not happy when goods arrive. Some products sound great on paper, but when you look into them further, you might realize their motors are of low quality and burn out quickly, parts are hard to replace, only rare, authorized service people can work on the machines, or that the pieces look cheap and nasty in the flesh.

Give yourself plenty of time to work out your individual ceiling fan needs, and then shop with care. By doing this, you’ll be much more likely to purchase a product you’re happy with not just today, but well into the future.


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