Separated from the noisy city, the house is humbly ensconced in a small alley on Hoang Van Thai Street, Hanoi

Separated from the noisy city, the house is humbly ensconced in a small alley on Hoang Van Thai Street, Hanoi

Architects: Global Architects & Associates
Location: Hoàng Văn Thái, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Year: 2016
Area: 495 ft²/ 46 m²
Photo courtesy: Nguyễn Quốc Anh

“Separated from the noisy city, the house is humbly ensconced in a small alley on Hoang Van Thai Street, Hanoi.


With an area of just over 46 square meters (495 square feet), the house is required to guarantee essential and necessary functions of a home for a young couple about to get married, however are limited in terms of extremely tight budget, and time of construction as short as possible, especially in the future it can be easily renovated and replaced when the economy is stable and life-changing is needed. Over many plans in place, the architects finally find the most optimal plan.


With a design perspective of linking living space to natural, atrium space plays the central role of the house, which is the convergence of the sun, wind and trees, of all factors that contribute to a healthy life, which has always been purified.


Entering the house, the entire public space is arranged smoothly and airy, with a garage, living room, kitchen and dining room splited in a conventional way, which creates the feeling that the house is really large and comfortable. There are issues that many Hanoi tube houses are suffering: fragmented space, lack of light and low humidity.


The second floor is a space reserved for the privacy of the owner, with the bedroom having its windows open directly into the atrium space, where homeowners can breathe fresh air every morning, and from here it can easily connect to working space through the bridge corridor. The main purpose of this place is to work, but it is also a storage space, serving the demands for future use when the young couple welcomes their offsprings.


The furniture of the house uses warm and rustic colors, from the arrays of ceiling tiles and termites-treated pine wood, to the arrays of flower bricks recalling nostalgic past and the details on the tables made from wood blocks which is not only unique but also a highlight for the house …, all blend together to make up the truest, most rustic atmosphere, but no lack of interest for young couple.


Construction costs is also a completely surprising factor that the house bring to, due to the consultant has flexibly used steel structure, which not only reduce the load of the house, but also maximally shorten the construction time and labor work. On the other hand, the recycling of some details from the old house is both the way to keep back memories and the way to save costs.


Each house built has their own interesting story behind and this house does, too. The owner, a young lecturer, with his little knowledge in wood furniture, had himself designed and created furniture for his own house, making the house look as it is hiding something really special in his way!”

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