Seaside residence that offers unexpected views from its rooftop terrace

Seaside residence that offers unexpected views from its rooftop terrace

Architects: CUBYC architects
Location: Belgium
Year: 2015
Area: 5.651 ft²/ 525 m²
Photo courtesy: Cafeïne – Thomas De Bruyne

“Situated in sight of the beach, in a typical urban mesh of the Belgian coast, this seaside residence offers unexpected spaces overlooking the surrounding houses with both seaside views and views over the green hinterland.

Inside, all functions have been reversed in relation to the ordinary organization of a house. The bedrooms are on the ground floor, a “belle étage”, while the living areas are comfortable on the first floor.

This first floor living area benefits from the open view and the adjacent terrace creates a certain intimacy with respect to the passage of the street. The living room, entirely glazed, enjoys the magnificent sunset over the sea. At the rooftop there is a terrace, comfortably perched on the flat roof, ryad-style, an ideal place for a sundeck.

The white front façade distinguished by white lacquered aluminium louver is very dynamic. These louver blades serve as a guardrail for the upstairs terrace and solar shading for the rooms on the ground floor. They also protect the privacy of the street side bedrooms.

The ground floor is 1,5 m elevated above the road and the garage is located in a semi-buried volume, 1.5 m below the level of the road. A passage under the house allows access to the garden. Under this passage you can park a few cars or use the covered space to organize a party or a barbecue. A kitchenette overlooks this flexible space and also acts as a space for beach accessories.

Inside, a sober and clear color palette echoes the beach. These neutral colors evoke the “beachy” atmosphere and create a great coherence between the different spaces, In the mean time they allow improvisation with personal touches. The integrated cabinets are covered in black oak veneer, previously scraped and sanded to obtain a depth effect.

Thought as a relaxing place, this four bedroom house is open, comfortable and easy going.”

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