Saska Apartment by Soma Architekci

Saska Apartment by Soma Architekci

Architects: Soma Architekci
Location: Saska Kępa, Warsaw, Poland
Area: 2,152 sqft
Photo courtesy: Soma Architekci

The owner of the apartment located in the centre of Warsaw’s Saska Kępa asked the designers from the Warsaw based Soma Architekci design studio to design a minimalistic but cosy interior. The investor favours simplicity and harmony but isn’t fond of cold, laboratorial spaces.


The first task of the designers was to rearrange the apartment in such a way that the new space would satisfy the needs of the residents. The space was functionally divided into a living room zone, a bedroom zone and a guest room with a bathroom.


The most important place in this two story apartment which takes up the area of about 200m2 (2,152.78ft2) is the symmetric open space of the lower level which combines the living room with the dining room and a handy open kitchen. Division into zones was achieved by differentiating floor levels. Leisure zone was placed on a rather short platform from which the view opens onto the garden. A softly filtered light which reflects off the glass railing of the staircase that leads to the second floor plays an important role in the design of this interior. The atmosphere of unimposing luxury is noticeable from the entrance. It manifests itself in the attention to details as well as tasteful combination of the materials used.


Admirers of sophisticated interiors will surely take a liking to the arrangement of the private quarters of the owners located on the second floor. The architects gave up fixed division of the rooms in favour of open space which combines the functions of a bedroom, a luxurious bathroom and a walk-in closet. The unified arrangement and monochromatic colours, intertwining beiges and greys, emphasize the coherent character of the zone. The investors weren’t afraid of unusual solutions which is why the architects proposed to divide the toilet and the hallway using glass walls. The effect of this solution is a clear, sunny interior which brings to mind the rooms in luxury hotels. Differentiation of textures of the materials used plays an important role, from huge panes of shiny glass to wallpapers with a delicate, fabric pattern.


The architects fulfilled all the owners’ expectations. Using simple, minimalistic forms they arranged a functional and cosy flat. Interiors designed using warm, low-key colours are a perfect background for personal accents: photographs, travel souvenirs of the owners.

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