S Apartment Visualised by Igor Sirotov

S Apartment Visualised by Igor Sirotov

Architects: Igor Sirotov
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Area: 2,475 sqft
Photo courtesy: Igor Sirotov

It is my new project, this time apartments in Kiev which will be realized soon. The apartment of 230 sq.m. (2,475 sq.ft) was designed for a young family which wanted to make for itself modern, comfortable, cozy, but at the same time, not having anything superfluous, space for life.


The apartment has a uniform zone a drawing room – a dining room – the kitchen, two bedrooms (at the second level), two wardrobe, a zone with a fireplace for rest and reading books and a bathroom. The special desire of clients was in preservation of free space and feeling of comfort that as a result it turned out to carry out.


The materials used by me – a tree, a stone, metal. Equipment and furniture are presented by known brands.

S-House-03 S-House-04 S-House-05 S-House-06 S-House-07 S-House-08 S-House-09 S-House-10 S-House-11 S-House-12 S-House-13 S-House-14 S-House-15 S-House-16 S-House-17 S-House-18 S-House-19 S-House-20 S-House-21 S-House-22 S-House-23 S-House-24 S-House-25 S-House-26 S-House-27 S-House-28 S-House-29 S-House-30 S-House-31 S-House-32 S-House-33 S-House-34 S-House-35

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