Crow’s Nest Residence by Mt. Lincoln Construction & BCV Architects

Crow’s Nest Residence by Mt. Lincoln Construction & BCV Architects

Architects: BCV Architects
Location: Sugar Bowl, California, USA
Area: 5,600 sqft
Photo courtesy: Mt. Lincoln Construction

The Crow’s Nest Residence stands at the top of Sugar Bowl’s intimate snowbound community. The highest placed lot to the adjacent ski hill, the residence maintains a sense of tranquility from its forested aspects to the West and South.


Breathtaking views are afforded from almost every room in the home, including beautiful views of Castle Peak to the Northwest and Mt. Judah to the Northeast, viewed thru its corner bedroom windows.

Crows-Nest-Residence-02 Crows-Nest-Residence-03 Crows-Nest-Residence-04 Crows-Nest-Residence-05 Crows-Nest-Residence-06 Crows-Nest-Residence-07 Crows-Nest-Residence-08 Crows-Nest-Residence-09 Crows-Nest-Residence-10 Crows-Nest-Residence-11 Crows-Nest-Residence-12 Crows-Nest-Residence-13 Crows-Nest-Residence-14 Crows-Nest-Residence-15 Crows-Nest-Residence-16 Crows-Nest-Residence-17 Crows-Nest-Residence-18 Crows-Nest-Residence-19 Crows-Nest-Residence-20 Crows-Nest-Residence-21 Crows-Nest-Residence-22 Crows-Nest-Residence-23 Crows-Nest-Residence-24 Crows-Nest-Residence-25 Crows-Nest-Residence-26 Crows-Nest-Residence-27

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