Riba House by SVOYA Studio

Riba House by SVOYA Studio

Architects: SVOYA Studio
Location: Ukraine
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Tanya Kovalenko

When we began to work on the interior of a country house, our task was to make insignificant changes into the existing building. But later we left only the planning concept and some carpentry items. Customers expressed a desire to create a modern and cozy interior. And the fact that the owner was fond of floristry became the basis for the main emphasis in decorating areas.


The main idea was based on the combination and the interaction of color, material and texture contrasts. Black gloss kitchen and a moss panel, bright polished marble and dark matte wood, prominence and perfect smoothness are harmonized with eco-design elements.


The interior concept can be identified by architectural design element “izdereva”, created by “SVOYA studio” – three columns, where concrete is encased in wood. Unusual combination looks very harmonious and reveals ideologically interconnection of natural origins and urbanism.


And in this home atmosphere all family members and guests will feel comfortable and be in everyone’s elements so the decorative pillows “riba” design, which welcome everyone in the living room, reflect this idea.

Riba-House-04 Riba-House-05 Riba-House-06 Riba-House-07 Riba-House-08 Riba-House-09 Riba-House-10 Riba-House-11 Riba-House-12 Riba-House-13 Riba-House-14 Riba-House-16 Riba-House-17 Riba-House-18

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