North TLV Home by Nurit Leshem

North TLV Home by Nurit Leshem

Architects: Nurit Leshem
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Area: 1,292 sqft
Photo courtesy: Amit Geron

This is the new house of a family based in Tel Aviv, who purchased the plot of land adjacent to their home of the past 20 years. The old house also stands on the same plot, but it was not possible to unite the buildings.


The designer faced the challenge of planning a new house that would harmonize with the old one and create a visual and functional connection between them. An open space was formed between the buildings, and together with the landscaping and gardening this created a pleasant sitting area.


The new house was built on a plot of approximately 500 sqm (5,382 sqft) and has a built-up area of 120 sqm (1,292 sqft). This house includes a separate unit and an expansive terrace used for hosting.


The terrace serves as the main hosting area of the old house and therefore features a kitchen with barbecue. The terrace overlooks the swimming pool and the main house. The windows that surround it withdraw into built-in pockets and when they are opened, the open space feels like an integral part of the garden.


The finishing materials greatly contribute to the creation of harmony between the buildings. The older house was entirely renovated and adapted to the family’s needs, which changed over the years, and the openings were altered and adapted to the overall space.

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