Ninety7 @ Siglap Road House by Aamer Architects

Ninety7 @ Siglap Road House by Aamer Architects

Architects: Aamer Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2011
Photos: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Great perspectives towards the city from on Siglap Hill roused the configuration. Expert and family room are put on the third level having the best perspectives. Living and Dining on the second level, associated with outside verandahs/patios that stream upwards and fold into the rooftop structure with profound shades for adequate shade and directing the breeze through the entire house.


Two resort style “Cabana” rooms are situated on the ground level by the pool with a huge open/secured porch for poolside parties. A sculptural metal “drum” stays the “boat” to the ground and houses the latrine/shower and grill storeroom. Rooftop greenery enclosures and timber decks give included protection from the sun.


2011 SIA Architectural Design Awards Judges’ reference:

“The jury is awed with the aftereffect of what was a nearby coordinated effort in the middle of designer and proprietor, which ended up being an extremely cutting-edge tackle a tropical dialect of structural engineering.


Once inside the house, the sensibilities and sensitivities in the spaces are obvious. The designer and the proprietor selected to find the room zones at the ground level, confronting the pool in a private and elite cabana-style setting. The living and eating/amusement zones were situated at the second floor charging the perspective towards the city. This game plan offered ascend to the chance to make the profound liquid structure yard ranges which wraps around the spaces of the house. The porches bent over as amplified stimulation ranges and a natural channel for the inner regions legitimate. The living zones have the capacity to be completely opened up, back, side and front, to expand the perspectives and common light and ventilation without trepidation of the sun and rain.


All alone, this is a perfectly created house. What it additionally does is to give its terraced neighborhood a convenient upgrade by method for its exceptional and dynamic however charmingly white walled, humbly scaled structural vicinity.

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