Monte Parnaso by VGZ Arquitectura

Monte Parnaso by VGZ Arquitectura

Architects: VGZ Arquitectura
Location: Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Héctor Velasco Facio

This intervention represented a major creative challenge. Remodeling a house in a small space with previous work. The design concept was to create warm and contemporary atmospheres incorporating different elements, like the client´s collection of Mexican art.


The composition on the first floor parts from the vestibule and staircase, which had height problems and reduced space; we replaced it with floating steps to provide a sense of transparency. The living and dinning areas integrate the landscape through windows and the space is rounded up with a mirror and a chandelier in the dinning room. Staircase´s landing caused problems on the family room´s ceiling, so we designed a continuous oak band that embraces the space though the floor to solve it. Integrating it with the TV and shelves.


The kitchen was redistributed with a rustic table to contrast with the black granite floor and highlight the customers’ collection of votive offerings. On the second floor three bedrooms and a study were redesigned. Each with a walk-in closet and bathroom with handmade tiles, black granite and statuary marble. The use of plain and natural materials with wood as the lead; oak on the floors and Huanacaxtle in long paneling that hides doors, produces a clean visual effect. Natural and artificial light filters through domes with stretch fabric, complemented with accents and dimmers. Most furniture was recovered, combined with vintage elements and classic accents for a rich eclectic style.


Terraces on front and back were key, the house has no garden area. So landscaping becomes another finish that can be seen from every window. Original vines were preserved and integrated with volcanic rock on exterior facades. To give the finishing touch, on one of the terraces Acapulco chairs, and a fireplace with hanging lights traversing the space, provide a fun detail.

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