Minimax House by Eben Architects

Minimax House by Eben Architects

Architects: Eben Architects
Location: Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia
Year: 2014
Area: 1722 sqft / 160 sqm
Photo courtesy: Leonard Kawun

Remaining above little plot of 80m2 (861ft2) in a testing slopes shape of Lembang region, this insignificant size making greatest capacities for the family who lives there. It’s a solitary piece – three story-direct house, with no settled system. With the similar capacity idea, it offers expanding the accessible region to be balanced some assistance with according to the exercises of the gang.


Every level contains more than one program that are joined by a major slide-capable dividers that permits the family to control the security and alter the space and furniture to take after their everyday exercises as per their needs. The solid punctured square veneer were added to lift the protection and prevent the sun beams, without obstructing the air dissemination.


On lower first story, there are a little lobby, and a raised stage parlor to welcome the visitors and around evening time it can be utilized for a little room for them too.


There’s three projects on the first story, private resting territory, living and lounge area. Amid the day, the private resting territory, that isolated with sliding entryway, can be opened and makes a major living zone that additionally joined with outside patio. This give the family free access to appreciate more extensive space for kids exercises, family assembling or even a gathering and in the meantime take in Lembang’s outside air. While during the evening, every system satisfy its own particular capacity.


On the second story, there is one corridor lounge room with access to little outside porch and associate with the rooftop deck. It gives lovely delight to the encompassing bumpy perspective. While around evening time, it can be redone into two bed rooms.


This open-similar arrangement idea gives the family most extreme solace and happiness to misuse the rooms as indicated by their requirements without including another.

Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-06 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-07 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-08 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-09 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-10 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-11 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-12 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-13 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-14 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-15 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-16 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-17 Minimax-House-by-Eben-Architects-18

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