Metal Bed Frame Vs. Wood: Which is Right for You?

Metal Bed Frame Vs. Wood: Which is Right for You?

When buying a new bed, most of us never even think about the frame it sits on. However, if you buy the size of the bed you had before, you will likely use the frame you had before. If you must change the frame size, or if you are buying for the first time, you will have one big decision to make, between two kinds of frame materials. The two options you will have in front of you are wooden and metal bed frames. Both have positive qualities, as well as bad parts: the bigger the frame, the more of a decision you will have to face. So let’s jump into it and discuss the ups and downs of each type.

Metal Bed Frame

As children, most of us had a basic metal frame that laid the box spring along with two pieces of angle iron attached by folding arms along the top and bottom of the bed. When you think of a metal frame, this is what comes to mind, and they are still a viable option. However, metal bed frames have come a long way since then, as you can see by typing in a quick search in your browser. 

  • Good: Metal bed frames require little to no maintenance. You must dust them once in a while, but other than that, they are good to go for years of use.
  • Bad: Metal must be connected by welds. If they are not done correctly, they become a breaking point due to increased weakness.
  • Good: Most metal bed frames can be adjusted to give you the right bed frame size. That is, of course, if you have not purchased one designed for one specific size. 
  • Bad: If the paint is old, it will have lost all its protective qualities. This leaves metal prone to rust and disintegration. 
  • Good: The designs that you can have are endless. Antique style lines and curves, solid pieces with assorted colors, and so on. Metal is also easy to paint, so you can get a can of paint and change it up when you get tired of one color. 
  • Bad: Metal is not as natural as a wood frame. Metal can look antique and elegant, but it can never have that natural appeal that a wood frame can offer. 

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Wood Bed Frames

Wood bed frames are the ones that we think about when discussing drawers underneath or a fancy head and footboard attached to them. However, wood can also be sculpted with ornamental designs, unique shapes, and storage capabilities. 

  • Good: For the most part wooden beds offer more support than a metal bed frame. They are sturdy and designed to hold weight.
  • Bad: If the stain, or paint, breaks down, wood can get moisture trapped inside its pores and rot out. This causes a weak point in your frame and adds a toxin into the air.
  • Good: A reasonable build wood frame will add a unique touch to your bedroom, allowing you to match the style of your bed to your specific personality.
  • Bad: Wooden bed frames are generally much heavier than their metal counterparts. The bigger the bed, the heavier the frame will be. 
  • Good: Wood is reusable in many ways, not just for a bed frame. If you ever decide to switch bed frames, you can find something to do with the wood, even if it is used in the fire pit.
  • Bad: The more wood that the frame has, the more costly it will be. If you are looking for a heavy frame with ornamental designs, you can expect to pay a decent amount for it.

Final Thoughts

As with everything else in life, there are good aspects of having a wood bed frame, as well as some bad. The same goes for metal bed frames. So again, there are some good and some bad. When it comes down to it, the choice is totally up to you and your unique taste. But you need to remember that we spend over one-third of our lives sleeping, so you should put some thought into what you want when it comes to a bed frame because they can both offer you different styles and colors, but they may not both offer the quality of sleep that you need.

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